bow pose

Rewind to five years ago and I had no solid workout routine.  In fact, once the days of the after school sports were behind me, I struggled to develop any consistent exercise schedule.  I’d run occasionally, maybe take a group exercise class at a local gym, but there was never anything I felt strongly enough to commit to.  And then I discovered yoga, and not just any yoga, but Bikram yoga.  In a +100 degree room, with classes ranging from 60-90 minutes, it was tough.  But the fact that each class had the same set of postures reassured me.  It helped me anticipate what was coming each and every time I stepped on the mat.  And the consistency didn’t equal monotony; rather, it helped me measure my progress each week and allowed me to go somewhere new in my practice each week.  Not only did the challenge keep me coming back each week (4 years and counting!), it also helped me find a sense of solace.  It helped to clear my mind, cancel out all the distractions and focus only on myself and my practice…while burning 400+ calories an hour.  The benefits affect both physical and mental health and are long lasting even once you’re off the mat.

I’m fortunate enough to have lived in big cities where multiple yoga options are available, but Bikram (and other hot yoga) has become more widespread in the last few years.  If you’re feeling curious, give it a try!

New York Area (including NJ and PA):

Chicago Area:

LA Area:

National Branches:

^try the HPF class for a format similar to Bikram


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