Fried Zucchini Spaghetti

Delicious recipes for the curious cook!

Zucchini Pasta
A little bowl of heaven

Perhaps you’re like me and have not always had a love of vegetables.  I’ve always gravitated to the wonderful world of carbs and dairy, like pasta and cheese, while sometimes forfeiting veggies for a later meal.  As I got older, I started to realize vegetables didn’t have to be eaten the exact same steamed or boiled way I ate them as a kid, and with a little creativity, they can actually taste great.  In fact, I now stick to a mainly veggie based diet, which sometimes leaves the man in my house needing something…more…when it comes to dinner, which is where this recipe comes in.  

If you, or anyone in your house, are the type of person who swears they don’t like zucchini, I encourage you to give this recipe a try.  It certainly isn’t the healthiest way to serve a veggie, with fried breadcrumbs and atop a bed of pasta, but it does provide a good way to get in those veggies while satisfying your taste buds.  Go make it now!


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