Out and about in Chinatown

Inspiration for the new week!


The best thing about living in a big city are the endless options of things to do- music festivals and concerts, new restaurants, breweries, museums, and the list goes on and on.  Yet sometimes, despite the numerous options, it’s easy to miss some of the adventures that are right in front of you.

I’m a creature of habit, so I have a tendency to stick to a certain schedule and fit little spontaneous moments in where I can, which works well for me but it can also lead to a rut if I’m not careful.  Recently a friend suggested a group trip to Chinatown for Dim Sum.  I’ve been living in Chicago for almost two years and hadn’t yet experienced Chinatown here, so it was the perfect opportunity to shake things up.  Despite the crazy weather (sun/wind/snow), we had a great time eating way too many dumplings and doing some interesting window shopping.  For an afternoon of eating I wanted to keep it comfy so I opted for an easy flannel and my new favorite patchwork jeans (which were getting tight by the end of the meal!).

Our adventure inspired me to get curious and explore some other neighborhoods in my city, but I’ll definitely be back to Chinatown too!


A Dim Sum feast!

Fashion Note: I’m wearing Old Navy flannel, Gap jeans, Banana Republic parka, and J Crew boots. Similar items here: parka, flannel.


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