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Tote bag

I have a pretty long commute to work every day, so I usually have to tote a lot of things with me for the journey. Because of this, I appreciate a good bag and understand it’s a crucial part of any work day.  It has to be functional since it holds so many important pieces (wallet, makeup, laptop, work materials, etc) but that doesn’t mean it has to be clunky or boring.  If you’re like me, you desire something that’s equal parts fashionable and functional.  Here are some great options:

Leather backpack– Luckily, backpacks are trendy right now so the options are plentiful.  Backpacks are great because they can hold so much, while leaving your hands free.  There’s a reason we all used them in school! A leather backpack is a great option because it can be used for so many things outside of a commute- like music festivals! I bought a similar option for a trip to Montana.

Messenger bag– Another bag borrowed from the school days. It has the capacity to hold your laptop and can be worn across the body to balance the weight.

Leather (or faux leather) tote bag– When I first started commuting, I lugged my laptop back and forth each day in a pricey leather tote bag.  Within no time, the straps were starting to fall apart from the weight of the computer.  Trying to avoid completely destroying a good bag, I bought this version from Target.  It was large enough to hold all my supplies, durable, cute and under $40.  I chose the black/red version since it went with so much of my work wardrobe, but it’s available in so many cute colors.  I should mention that over a year later, my tote is still going strong!

Herschel backpack– It seems like it’s become universally acceptable for anyone and everyone to wear a Herschel backpack to work, and for good reason.  They are functional and durable, with padded straps and multiple compartments, but they’re also cute and come in a variety of colors and prints.  You can choose from multiple types and sizes to best suit your work needs. These are also great for traveling!

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