(Homemade) Pizza Party:

Delicious recipes for the curious cook!

final product 2

I live in a pizza house, meaning there’s a deep love for this food under our roof and it usually makes it into our weekend meal rotation at least twice a month.  While Chicago certainly has limitless options, we also enjoy a homemade pie every now and then.

I was raised in a home where pizza was on the menu every Friday night and when I was young, my father often made it from scratch.  I loved helping him with the process- rolling out the dough, spreading the sauce, sprinkling the toppings and I usually managed to shove more pepperoni into my mouth then actually made it onto the pie.  The fondness I have for those times sparked a desire to recreate the memories in my home, and Jimmy (my fiance) will never object to pizza.

Recently I recreated a Margarita and a rosemary and bacon pizza from this cookbook for a Saturday night in.  The only difference is I added red onions to the goat cheese version and omitted the sauce to make a white pizza.  If you’re short on time, buying ready made dough or crust is always an option.  Here are the step by step pics:

pizza prep
What you’ll need

Get curious and try it this weekend!


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