Post Work Out Treats

Inspiration for the new week!


There’s nothing like a fresh pastry to wrap up the weekend and start your week on a sweet note.  Luckily for me, there is an old school bakery located right down the block that’s always well stocked with fresh doughnuts, croissants, and other yummy goodies.  The smell of powdered sugar lingering in the air is always a reminder to treat myself on a Sunday, especially after yoga class!  Since my weekend bakery runs usually occur after yoga, I try to wear some of my more versatile workout gear that can easily transfer from the gym to errands without needing an outfit change.  For this particular trip, I threw on my favorite casual trench, which works just as well with gym clothes as it does during rainy work days.

Authentic bakeries can be hard to find, especially in a sea of coffee shop chains, but if you can find one in your neighborhood, give it a try.  But be warned, once you find a great place, it’s hard not to make it a daily habit!


My favorite- Almond bear claw.

Fashion Note: I’m wearing a Champion workout top (via Target), Forever 21 yoga leggings, New Balance sneakers, New York & Company jacket and Anthropologie sunglasses..  For similar options, try these: top, leggings, sneakers, sunglasses.


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