Must Have Yoga Accessories


Anything worth doing is worth doing right.  Some fitness routines require only for you to show up, without needing any accessories or equipment.  Yoga is not one of them.  Obviously a yoga mat is a must for any practice, but there are other accessories that also help to achieve a worthwhile class.


  1. Gaiam Yoga Mat: Affordable and durable.  I’ve had mine for three years and use it weekly.  
  2. Lululemon Mat: A little pricier but totally worth it.  This mat is thick and is useful for more than just yoga.  


  1. Yoga Bag: Perfect for going from work to class or vice versa.  This bag holds all your clothes and then some.  
  2. Yoga Mat Strap: A strap is something I didn’t know I needed, but once I had one, it made my life easier.  This allows you to carry your mat on your back, while leaving your hands free to carry everything else.  

Helpful tools:

  1. Yoga towel: If I don’t have a towel with me, then I don’t have a good practice.  A towel provides traction against your mat and is especially helpful for a hot yoga practice.
  2. Yoga headband: Same as above.  I have flyaway hairs that, when they get sweaty, go all over the place and can be distracting.  This keeps my hair all in one place and out of my eyes.  It comes in handy for almost every other form of exercise.  
  3. Yoga blocks: These aren’t necessary for all forms of yoga, but they do come in handy during many practices.  Blocks help to deepen a posture and provide support.


Images via here and here.



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