Motivation to get you through hump day!

bow pose

One of the best things about summer are all the outdoor activities.  From movies to concerts to picnics, the options are numerous and fortunately, they usually include plenty of fitness options.  These outdoor programs are the best way to exercise and enjoy the beauty of summer.  Outdoor fitness classes not only get your endorphins pumping, they allow you to experiment with forms of exercise you might otherwise be hesitant to try in a normal classroom environment.  Plus, they allow you to explore your city and meet new people and most are free, so you can’t beat that!

Checkout some of these city specific outdoor fitness classes:

  1. New York:
  2. Philadelphia:
  3. Washington D.C.:
  4. Chicago:
  5. Austin:
  6. LA:

And if you can’t find any group classes in your city, here’s a guide to outdoor workouts you can do on your own.



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