Making History

Inspiration for the new week!

IMG_2553 (1)

Recently I got engaged and while I’m beyond thrilled to have the rest of my life to look forward to with my fiancé, inevitably there are a lot of decisions associated with wedding planning that must be made.  I’m not exactly a decisive person by nature and I can get easily overwhelmed when having to narrow down choices, so I was a little nervous about making some of the bigger decisions (i.e. date, location, etc).  Luckily my fiancé and I have similar tastes so we both had a decent idea of when and where we wanted to get married.  

Long distance wedding planning is not easy but modern technology and having involved parents makes it better.  We were able to commit to our venue without visiting it first, which sounds crazy but we’d both been to the site previously.  When we finally did make a recent trip to the hotel to meet the wedding planner and get the official tour, we were so overjoyed to see it all fall into place exactly as we wanted.  And even better, we were able to spend the rest of the weekend making the rounds at all my favorite spots including, but not limited to, the local pool and dairy store.  Because #priorities.


Fashion note: for wedding planning and a night on the town (all pictured above) I wore a JCrew dress, Target sandals, Kate Spade bag (similar here), Nars “heatwave” lipstick and Essie “peak show” nail polish.

For an afternoon of swimming and ice cream I wore: Madewell swimsuit (similar style here), JCrew dress (similar here) and Urban Outfitters sunglasses.



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