BLPTs (Bacon/Lettuce/Pineapple/Tomato Sandwiches)

Delicious recipes for the curious cook!


Truth be told, I don’t like pineapple.  I always try to steer clear from it- I don’t even like it in a cocktail!- but every now and then I’m willing to let go of my food aversions and push myself to try something new.  While thumbing through my new favorite cookbook “Cravings,” I saw this recipe for pineapple BLTs and figured if I was going to try anything with pineapple, this would be it.  

Grilling the pineapple makes all the difference, adding a charred texture that helps offset its natural sweetness, which plays well with the bacon and crisp lettuce.  Plus, using King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls was the perfect choice to hold all the ingredients into a yummy little sandwich.  I made three versions of sliders the night I made these and the BLPTs were by far my favorite.  Get curious and try them as a perfect meal to finish the summer!


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