What got me through the week and what I’m looking forward to this weekend!

Celebrating a recent win at Wrigley

This week is one of the only weeks this month that I have some downtime.   After a busy week/weekend last week celebrating two friends’ wedding and an out of town trip for another wedding next week, I’m enjoying having no official plans for the next two days.  I do plan on enjoying some of fall’s flavors and catching a much anticipated new movie.  I hope you have a great one!    

Trader Joe’s pumpkin supply: Every autumn this grocery chain goes all out in embracing the flavor of the season- pumpkin.  They have everything from ravioli to biscotti featuring this fall flavor, but the pastry tarts are a personal guilty pleasure.  

Goose Island Brewery: I’ve always appreciated Goose Island beer but being that it’s a Chicago brew it’s pretty mainstream and I sometimes overlook it in favor of something different.  After a recent Goose Island sponsored block party, which featured brews for $3, my appreciation was reignited.  The Matilda and Sofie are personal favorites.

The Girl on the Train: This book was one of my favorites so it’s no surprise I have been anxiously awaiting the film version.  I’m hoping to carve out time this weekend to see it.  

Halloween Costumes: Now that it’s October, it’s time to start thinking about Halloween costumes.  I’m pretty sure I’ve already decided mine, but this provides some inspiration for popular ideas this year.


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