Mushrooms & Polenta

Delicious recipes for the curious cook!


It took me awhile, but I realized I had been cheating on Ina with Chrissy.  What I mean is that, I used to be primarily dedicated to cooking through all of the Barefoot Contessa’s recipes.  She’s the first chef whose recipes I truly fell in love with and tried to emulate on a regular basis.  I’m a super fan, who has seen most of her shows, read almost all of her cookbooks and I even had the chance to see her speak once and asked her a question about what her go-to meal for entertaining is (FYI- it’s a French Apple Tart).

But then the Cravings cookbook was released and I received a copy for my birthday, declaring a personal pledge to cook through as much of it as possible through the summer.  I did a lot, and am still happily cooking through it, but I realized I had forgotten about some of the recipes I fell in love with first, which brought me back to the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks.  I was looking for a hearty, but somewhat healthy, vegetable dish that was big enough to act as a main.  I found this baked mushroom with blue cheese and polenta recipe and it sealed the deal.  The meatiness of the mushrooms is complemented by the blue cheese and the soft polenta is the perfect healthy balance to finish the dish.  Try it with a simple side salad for a great autumn meal.  

Chrissy, I love you but Ina, I promise not to forget you again!


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