What got me through the week and what I’m looking forward to this weekend!

Getting into the holiday spirit

Every day is one step closer to Christmas, which is simultaneously exciting and nerve wracking considering there’s so much to be done.  Luckily for me, most of shopping is done and now I’m trying to spend this time savoring every bit of the holidays, including participating in my favorite tradition of my adult life.  So find something fun and new to do for the holidays and get out there and enjoy them!

  1. Winter Wedding Florals:  I’m not technically getting married in the winter, but I am getting married during the holidays, so finding the right balance of festive and elegant can be challenging.   I had my first meeting with my florist today (via Skype with my mom representing me in person, thanks mom!) and I loved it.  Pinterest overwhelms me sometimes, so instead I made an inspiration board via Powerpoint and shared it with her and we discussed how to make my vision come to life.  For more ideas, this article is helpful.  
  2. Superficial: I’m an Andy Cohen fan but I wasn’t planning on reading his latest book.  Then I heard him on his Sirius radio show, where he was being interviewed by guests about what we wrote in his book, and I was intrigued.  This book is candid, funny and offers some fun inside glimpses at the Real Housewives stars and some real celebrities.  It’s a quick read and one that will be traveling with me over the holidays.  
  3. Holiday Movie Showcase: Classic movies have always held a special place in my heart, but especially the holiday classics.  There’s a wonderful old theater nearby that always plays some of the best old films during the holidays, like It’s A Wonderful Life and White Christmas.  Sure, these films are played on TV frequently this time of year, but it’s truly a memorable experience to be able to see them on the big screen, surrounded by your neighbors, young and old.  It’s probably the best representation of Christmas spirit I’ve ever witnessed and I love it!
  4. The Nutcracker:  The ballet is something I’ve always enjoyed and what better way to experience it than with this holiday classic?  This year the Joffrey ballet in Chicago has re-imagined the concept and it’s received a lot of acclaim, so I was very excited to see it this past weekend.  This classic ballet shows in numerous theaters throughout the country, so find a production near you and give it a try!

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Happy Holidays!

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