Motivation to get you through hump day!


New swag is always motivational

Many people make resolutions at the start of the new year, but unfortunately, not many people keep them.  But why not? We commit to so many other things throughout the year, why does it seem so hard to make a change and stick to it?

Perhaps it’s laziness, or maybe we get afraid to try something new or maybe it’s a combination of reasons, but the truth is most of those reasons are actually just excuses.  Making and keeping a resolution doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems and in fact, resolutions can be a fun way to change up a rut.  Here’s how I’m going to try and shake things up in 2017:

  1. Try a new fitness class: Maybe you already have a great exercise routine and are looking for something new to challenge yourself, or maybe you’ve been inactive and are looking for motivation to get back into shape.  Whatever the reason, everyone can use inspiration to stay active.  Personally, I think fitness classes are the best way to get in shape and stay on track, because they force you to go a little out of your comfort zone and break through plateaus.  Now is the time to hop into a class, whether it’s a form of exercise you haven’t practiced in awhile or trying a brand new fitness class that you’ve been wanting to explore.  I’ve challenged myself to take a few adult ballet classes, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.
  2. Make a commitment: Sure, a drop in class is a safe way to try out an exercise to ensure you like it before you waste a lot of money on something you end up hating.  But truthfully, I think drop ins are the wrong approach, at least in the beginning.  Exercise is hard and in the beginning of any new exercise routine it’s often even more difficult, which is normal since you’re most likely using muscles you haven’t used in a while.  It takes time for the body to adjust and it will typically take a few classes before you begin to feel acclimated and can truly appreciate whatever exercise you’re doing.  I believe it’s better to commit to a package, even if it’s a smaller package like 3 or 5 classes.  This helps to ensure you give the new routine an honest effort and are able to make a better decision if it’s the right form of exercise for your body.  
  3. Treat yourself to some new gear: The last thing anyone feels like doing after the holidays is shopping, but sometimes you need something to really get you motivated to workout.  What better way than to treat yourself to some new fitness gear? Now’s the time to buy the sneakers, the headphones, the boxing gloves or whatever you need to get your booty to the gym.  Besides, how can you maintain your resolution if you don’t have the necessary tools? I finally ordered my first workout set from Outdoor Voices, which is great timing since they’re having an awesome promotion ($100 for a warm up kit, which is a $50 savings!).

    So now you have some tips to stay on track in the new year and there are no excuses to stop you from getting curious and get moving now!

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