French Feast

Delicious recipes for the curious cook!

As I recently mentioned, two of my Christmas presents were Ina Garten cookbooks, which is always a great gift to me.  My collection of Barefoot Contessa cookbooks is now almost complete, with one of my newest additions being Barefoot in Paris.  Ina notoriously loves Paris and often features recipes inspired by French cuisine.  French food is something I enjoy, but rarely cook myself, mostly because it seems intimidating.  This cookbook, however, is full of mouth watering recipes ranging in complexity but, thanks to guidance from the Contessa herself, are actually manageable.  

For a recent Saturday night in, my fiance and I craved a warm dinner, full of flavor, but unlike anything we recently made.  I turned to Barefoot in Paris for inspiration and we were not disappointed.  I whipped up a full French meal of chicken with garlic, creamy cauliflower gratin and a fresh vegetable tian, which all complemented each other so well.  The combination of the cheesy cauliflower, tender roasted veggies and garlicky chicken was just what we needed on a cold winter night.  It was almost like being in France…almost.

Ready to try something different for a weekend meal? Give this a try!



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