Ladies I Love- Fitness Inspirations Part 1

Motivation to get you through hump day!

This week’s inspiration.

As much as I’d like to think I have the motivation all on my own to cook, workout and look my best, I’ll admit that’s far from the truth and it often takes some inspiration.  Luckily, I have many idols in each of the fields I’m passionate about who I routinely look to when I’m feeling unmotivated or creatively stifled.  Sometimes just seeing the actions and work of others is enough to get your body and mind flowing.

I’ve decided to write a series showcasing some of my inspirations for each of the things I’m most passionate about- fashion, fitness and food.  In some cases, some of my inspirations cross over more than one category, but I’ll be documenting every theme separately.  I’ve decided to start with my fitness role models, since it’s still winter and I’m sure most people can still benefit from having a healthy motivator to keep up with their fitness goals.    

First up is someone who inspires me in many ways, and you’ll see her again when I highlight some fashion idols, but first, let’s talk fitness.  Katie Lee, who is probably best known for her culinary skills, is a personal favorite of mine for her fitness regimen.  Like many people, I was first introduced to her because of her cooking, which focuses on comforting classics, often with a healthful or modern spin.  But ironically, one of the reasons I admire her so much is because of the figure she maintains.  Thankfully, she’s not someone who swears she doesn’t exercise, in fact, quite the opposite.  If you follow her on social media, you’ll see firsthand some of the hard work and dedication she puts into maintaining a healthy body.  She frequently turns to the Tracey Anderson Method workouts and they clearly pay off, since Katie is able to maintain a fit figure while still downing chocolate bombe cake on The Kitchen.  

Another reason Katie inspires me is because she loves food and does so openly.  She’s someone who clearly doesn’t deprive herself and allows herself to indulge in the food she loves most, but does so in moderation, often balancing out a heavy meal with a light and healthy one, and again, emphasizing the importance of a good sweat session.  It’s easy to feel guilty for indulging in a burger or having too much ice cream, but Katie reminds us that it’s all about balance.  We don’t need to deprive ourselves in order to look good; we should feed ourselves with things that comfort us, but know when to enjoy food that’s equally nourishing and satisfying.  

Equally as important is her reminder that exercise is key.  We don’t need to run ourselves into the ground, but we do need to get our hearts pumping in order to feel our best and look our best in a bikini.  Katie often gives credit to those she trains with and admits that exercising allows her to enjoy the food she loves.  When I’m feeling lazy and I just want to go home and eat an entire brick of cheese, I often look to Katie’s Instagram account, which often features a video of her working out hard, and find the push I need to get my sweat on before going home and enjoying my meal.  After all, as Katie often says, summer bodies are made in the winter.
Feeling curious? Check out her Instagram account here and her website here.

Photo via the Cooking Channel.


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