Smoked Salmon Pizza

Delicious recipes for the curious cook!

Basically a bagel and lox combo in pizza form

Pizza is tasty pretty much anyway you have it, but every now and then you stumble upon the perfect combo of toppings that take it to a whole new level. Leave it to the Barefoot Contessa to establish one of these perfect pizza pairings.  I know I reference her recipes often, but there’s a reason! As I was flipping through her newest cookbook, Cooking for Jeffrey, I found a dish that combines two of my favorite things- pizza and the New York staple, bagel and lox.  This recipe for smoked salmon pizza takes the flavors that make the lox bagel sandwich so tasty- smoked salmon and cream cheese- and switch it to a pizza appropriate combo of smoked salmon and mascarpone cheese.  Replace the bagel with pizza crust, and you have one tasty dinner!  

Ina cites this recipe as a cocktail appetizer, which would be great for parties, but if you’re having a more casual evening, this is perfect for a Friday night and pairs well with a simple arugula salad and a bottle of red.   If you’re looking to save time, buy some ready made crust and you’ll have dinner ready in minutes, it’s that easy!

Bon Appetit!


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