What got me through the week and what I’m looking forward to this weekend!

Valentine’s Day treat spread 

This week was one of unseasonably warm weather, which was a welcomed change.  The temps are dropping this weekend, but I’m perfectly okay with that since I’ll be spending most of my weekend prepping for my favorite day of the year- Oscar day! I hope you have a great weekend and tune in on Sunday.


NYFW recap: Fashion week officially ended last week and it was a unique one, thanks to digital integration (AKA Instagram Live and Stories), some designers switching to LA, buy now/wear now and the countless political statements.  I was truly thankful for the Instagram presence, as it allowed me to follow much more closely without having to be physically present.  My personal favorite show was Ralph Lauren, which featured a ton of amazing dresses, some of which reminded me of the dress my mom just bought for my wedding.

Man in the High Castle– I finally succumbed to a Prime Membership and along with comes Amazon Video, which includes this show.  The storyline is fascinating, set in a post-WWII world where the U.S. has lost the war and is split between Japanese and German rules.  There’s a suspenseful, spy element to the show that keeps you hooked from episode to episode.  The second season was released in December, so it’s the perfect time to binge.

Glossy– Every day, as part of my job, I receive a lot of daily newsletters from different outlets in the retail and apparel world.  One of those newsletters is from Glossy, a publication focused on what’s happening in both the creative & business senses in the fashion/retail industry.  I find their articles to cover the trendiest, most relevant topics and they cover a vast range of content.  One of my favorite pieces they run is their “Day in the Life” column, which is exactly what it sounds, a documented day of some high profile people in the industry.   Check it out for business or just for fun!

Oscars– this weekend, it’s finally here- my favorite day of the whole year, the Oscars.  I’ll be prepping myself with a Best Picture Showcase all day on Saturday (literally 12+ hours) and am so excited to see the fashions and who takes home the top prizes.  Tune into Vanity Fair’s Little Gold Men podcast for a synopsis of all things Oscar prior to the show.


Photos via here and here


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