What got me through the week and what I’m looking forward to this weekend!

The cheese section at the new Whole Foods really speaks to me

Spring is starting to overcome the chilly days and I’m so thankful.  It’s been a rainy, but slightly warmer week and I’m ending it with a quick trip back east to visit NY to check out some wedding bands and spend a weekend at home with my family.  Here are just a few examples of what I’m excited to try this weekend.  I hope you have a great weekend and try out some of these spring ideas too!


  1. Stacked heels: Now that spring is starting to show its signs, it’s time to think about spring fashion and, more importantly, spring shoes! After months of keeping our feet bundled in Uggs, Sperry boots and thick socks, it’s time to let them breathe and start sporting all the warm weather trends.  One thing I’m loving is the lower, stacked heel option in both mules and sandals.  After years of towering in high heels, my feet are beginning to feel the pain and it’s time to test out some lower, easier to navigate options.  I recently purchased this pair of snakeskin sandals from J.Crew, for an unexpected neutral, but I’m also loving the selection at Marais, which features both slides and strappy versions in neutrals and bright colors.  
  2. Feud: I’ve always been a fan of Hollywood, and especially old Hollywood.  It’s no surprise then that the newest Ryan Murphy franchise Feud, about the tension between stars Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, is right up my alley.  But even if you’re not the biggest old Hollywood aficionado, you should still give this miniseries a watch.  It’s an interesting look inside the real life tension of two larger than life, independent women in an era when men ruled all.  For some backstory before you binge, check out the episode of the You Must Remember This podcast highlighting this story.  
  3. Spring Pasta Salad: Pasta primavera is a staple spring dish, especially given the bounty of fresh vegetables that are available during the season.  I saw this recipe in the most recent issue of the Food Network Magazine and I can’t wait to make it this weekend.  It seems simple, yet fresh and flavorful thanks to the veggies and seasonings.  This dish is the perfect thing to have for a weekend dinner, when it’s warm enough to think Spring but still slightly chilly enough to enjoy a warm dish of pasta.  Try it out!
  4. Victoria Beckham for Target collection: I have been a fan of Victoria Beckham for years, since her Spice Girl days in the nineties! I even went to the Spice Girls reunion tour in 2008 and eventually chopped off all my hair into her chic bob circa 2009.  I’ve always been an admirer of her clothing line, which features tailored pieces with clean lines and chic colors and is both feminine and masculine at the same time.  I was obviously thrilled to learn of the affordably priced collection she was launching with Target, which features pieces for women, including plus sizes, and for girls.  I’m equally as excited to shop for my niece as I am for myself.  Check it out April 9th!

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Ladies I Love- Fitness Inspirations Part 3

Motivation to get you through hump day!



It’s time for the last round of “Ladies I Love” fitness edition.  This week’s focus is a celebrity in her own right, but she’s built a fitness empire training the likes of celebrities and everyday people through a fun, yet challenging dance inspired workout.  Tracy Anderson, who just opened a new Manhattan studio, is the woman behind the bodies of some of the fittest famous women, like Katie Lee (whose fitness routines I spoke of here), Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez.  Celebrities flock to her studios for her fun and effective workouts, which feature both cardio and toning sections.  

What’s inspiring about Tracey is that she makes a fun and impactful workout available to the masses, thanks to multiple locations and online subscription streaming classes, so anyone can have access to the workouts regardless of their location.  Judging by the physiques of the aforementioned celebrities, who have publicly pledged their allegiance to Tracey, her technique is extremely effective.  And while these famous women likely have help from other places as well, many non-celebrities have also been vocal about their appreciation of the TA Method and its positive effects on their body.  

Tracey herself looks phenomenal at 42 years old, proving the importance of what physical activity in combination with other healthy habits can do for your body.  Read more about some of her healthy habits and thoughts on wellness here.  And for streaming services of the TA Method, check out her site.

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Pop of Spring


We were teased with an early preview of spring weather about a month ago, and then winter came back with a harsh reminder last week that it wasn’t over yet.  Luckily, the remnants of the snowstorm are gone and spring is now officially here.  While it’s still a little chilly, I’m thankful that the majority of the cold weather is behind us and we have nothing but warm weather and long days ahead of us.  

I’m looking forward to wearing sun dresses, jumpsuits and sandals, but until then I’ll incorporate little hints of spring into my transitional outfits.  You can never go wrong with a monochromatic outfit; sticking to one color palette elongates the body and makes one look leaner.  Play with different shades of the same color and different textures to add some depth to the outfit.  It never hurts to add a single pop of color, like I did with this satchel, for a powerful punch.

Try a monochromatic outfit with a hint of color for an early spring look!

P.S. Do you love the candid pics? Sometimes Mother Nature interrupts your impromptu photo shoot!

Fashion note: I’m wearing a Gap sweater (similar here) and jeans (similar here) and boots (similar here) and a Kate Spade purse (similar here).  



What got me through the week and what I’m looking forward to this weekend!


This week was a reminder that, while spring is so close, it’s not yet here.  We got some rather unexpected snow that was a chilly reminder of the season we’re still in.  Nonetheless, spring will be here hopefully sooner than later and I’m anxiously awaiting it by looking for some spring outfit inspiration and daydreaming of honeymoon locations.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend (and St. Patty’s Day!) and can find something to look forward to in spring.

Lion: I saw this Best Picture nominee a few weeks ago as part of the Oscar movie marathon I attended.  Along with Arrival, this was my favorite of the five films I saw.  It’s a harrowing, powerful and true story about the power of love, no matter the distance.  It’s a deeply emotional story that will stick with you long after the film ends, but it is a reminder of the perseverance of love.  I intend to read the novel, on which the film was based, very soon.  

Honeymoon Inspiration: My fiance and I are in the stage of planning our honeymoon.  We’ve narrowed it down to some warm weather locales in the Caribbean but have yet to choose a destination.  I’m rather enjoying researching the locations and enviously studying pictures of the different islands, especially while there’s snow on the ground here.  

& Other Stories: I discovered this cult brand through a stylist I’m slightly obsessed with who often has great selections for off-beat but chic clothes.  I was pleasantly surprised by not only the selection of clothes, but the very affordable price ranges of most items.  I’m currently on the hunt for some clothes for my above mentioned honeymoon (I like to plan) as well as some other summer events, and I bet I’ll purchase a few items here.  

Sephora Masks: I’ve always loved a face mask since they’re a great way to bring a spa facial to your home and for much less money! I typically just rely on whatever masks Birchbox sends me, but on a recent trip to Sephora, I made a pleasant discovery.  They had a wall of masks on display, including multiple types of masks (hydrating, anti-aging, detoxifying) for eyes, face, hands and feet.  They averaged about $5 per mask and I picked up a few for both my face and hands, which always take a beating during the winter.  Check out their selection in-stores or online!
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Lemony Spaghetti

Lemon spaghetti

Do you love spaghetti but think it’s too indulgent? Or are you looking for a fresh spin on a classic dish? Whatever the reason, you must try this lighter, flavorful version of the classic pasta.  You all know I love my girl Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook Cravings, and this is one of my favorite recipes.  Cacio e Pepe is pretty much a no fail, timeless spaghetti dish, but Teigen’s version, which incorporates arugula (or in my case, kale) and the powerful flavor combo of red pepper flakes and lemon, takes the traditional meal to a new, fresh level.  Topped with some sharp parmesan, this is guaranteed to be your new favorite.  And the best part? Because the sauce is made from pasta water, this spaghetti is super light and healthy, thanks to the dose of greens and citrus.  This meal proves that simple sometimes is best.  

Trust me, make this now and save yourself the guilt of eating pasta- you won’t need it!


Ladies I Love- Fitness Inspirations Part 2

Motivation to get you through hump day!


Image via Pinterest

It’s time for the second round of ladies I love, fitness inspiration edition.  This week I’m highlighting my admiration for the timeless beauty, Christy Turlington.  The American model is probably best known for her unbeatable face and phenomenal figure, which has graced countless fashion runways and magazine covers for over 20 years.  And while her image is something enviable, I admire her for her dedication to health and fitness, which she also ties to charity.  How can anybody not love that?

Almost unbelievably, Christy is almost 50 years old and yet, her looks have remained almost unchanged.  At least some of her phenomenal aging has to be attributed to her lifestyle, which is full of action.  She is an avid yogi, which was well documented in probably my favorite Vogue cover ever (see above) thanks to her awesome bow pose, and is also a committed runner, participating in a number of marathons and running events year round.


Image via here

She also started her own charity organization called “Every Mother Counts” which is a non-profit that aims to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.  In an effort to promote awareness to the program and to the complications many women face globally with childbirth, Christy often incorporates her charity into her fitness regimen, conducting runs and marathons on behalf of the organization.  She has completed 6 marathons to date, in addition to her yoga lifestyle.  

Christy has also recently been featured in J.Crew’s catalog as one of the faces of the retailer’s partnership with New Balance, proving she’s just as active as she always was.  Between her impressive active lifestyle, she makes it her life mission to help others have a healthy life as well.  Who can argue with that? And let’s face it, this is one woman who looks even better over time, proving that age doesn’t have to come at the expense of beauty.  Let’s all take note.

P.S. For some of Christy’s beauty and fitness tips, check out this article.



Golden Ladies

Inspiration for the new week!

The Oscars happened one week ago and all everyone is still talking about is the #bestpicturemixup and rightfully so.  But that doesn’t mean we can forget about all of the glorious fashions of the night.  I look forward to the Oscars pretty much all year, so it’s only fitting that I dedicate today’s Motivational Monday space to the holy grail of fashion events- the best of the Oscars red carpet.

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My two favorites hands down were Emma Stone and Jessica Biel.  These beautiful ladies shone in gold in very different ways.  Their entire looks- from dress to hair and makeup- were perfection and they owned it.  Jessica is so beautiful with such a great figure that she can wear anything, but this dress worked so well because it essentially revealed nothing and everything at the same time.  The long sleeves and high neck left no visible skin, yet the figure hugging, metallic dress still felt incredibly sexy.  And Emma is dressed for the part she wanted- an Oscar winner.  This is the type of dress you wear to accept your Oscar!

Here are some of my other favorite looks of the night:

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And if you don’t like those looks, here’s an alternative view.