Golden Ladies

Inspiration for the new week!

The Oscars happened one week ago and all everyone is still talking about is the #bestpicturemixup and rightfully so.  But that doesn’t mean we can forget about all of the glorious fashions of the night.  I look forward to the Oscars pretty much all year, so it’s only fitting that I dedicate today’s Motivational Monday space to the holy grail of fashion events- the best of the Oscars red carpet.

Images via here and here

My two favorites hands down were Emma Stone and Jessica Biel.  These beautiful ladies shone in gold in very different ways.  Their entire looks- from dress to hair and makeup- were perfection and they owned it.  Jessica is so beautiful with such a great figure that she can wear anything, but this dress worked so well because it essentially revealed nothing and everything at the same time.  The long sleeves and high neck left no visible skin, yet the figure hugging, metallic dress still felt incredibly sexy.  And Emma is dressed for the part she wanted- an Oscar winner.  This is the type of dress you wear to accept your Oscar!

Here are some of my other favorite looks of the night:

Images via here and here

And if you don’t like those looks, here’s an alternative view.


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