Ladies I Love- Fitness Inspirations Part 2

Motivation to get you through hump day!


Image via Pinterest

It’s time for the second round of ladies I love, fitness inspiration edition.  This week I’m highlighting my admiration for the timeless beauty, Christy Turlington.  The American model is probably best known for her unbeatable face and phenomenal figure, which has graced countless fashion runways and magazine covers for over 20 years.  And while her image is something enviable, I admire her for her dedication to health and fitness, which she also ties to charity.  How can anybody not love that?

Almost unbelievably, Christy is almost 50 years old and yet, her looks have remained almost unchanged.  At least some of her phenomenal aging has to be attributed to her lifestyle, which is full of action.  She is an avid yogi, which was well documented in probably my favorite Vogue cover ever (see above) thanks to her awesome bow pose, and is also a committed runner, participating in a number of marathons and running events year round.


Image via here

She also started her own charity organization called “Every Mother Counts” which is a non-profit that aims to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.  In an effort to promote awareness to the program and to the complications many women face globally with childbirth, Christy often incorporates her charity into her fitness regimen, conducting runs and marathons on behalf of the organization.  She has completed 6 marathons to date, in addition to her yoga lifestyle.  

Christy has also recently been featured in J.Crew’s catalog as one of the faces of the retailer’s partnership with New Balance, proving she’s just as active as she always was.  Between her impressive active lifestyle, she makes it her life mission to help others have a healthy life as well.  Who can argue with that? And let’s face it, this is one woman who looks even better over time, proving that age doesn’t have to come at the expense of beauty.  Let’s all take note.

P.S. For some of Christy’s beauty and fitness tips, check out this article.




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