Pop of Spring


We were teased with an early preview of spring weather about a month ago, and then winter came back with a harsh reminder last week that it wasn’t over yet.  Luckily, the remnants of the snowstorm are gone and spring is now officially here.  While it’s still a little chilly, I’m thankful that the majority of the cold weather is behind us and we have nothing but warm weather and long days ahead of us.  

I’m looking forward to wearing sun dresses, jumpsuits and sandals, but until then I’ll incorporate little hints of spring into my transitional outfits.  You can never go wrong with a monochromatic outfit; sticking to one color palette elongates the body and makes one look leaner.  Play with different shades of the same color and different textures to add some depth to the outfit.  It never hurts to add a single pop of color, like I did with this satchel, for a powerful punch.

Try a monochromatic outfit with a hint of color for an early spring look!

P.S. Do you love the candid pics? Sometimes Mother Nature interrupts your impromptu photo shoot!

Fashion note: I’m wearing a Gap sweater (similar here) and jeans (similar here) and boots (similar here) and a Kate Spade purse (similar here).  



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