Ladies I Love- Fitness Inspirations Part 3

Motivation to get you through hump day!



It’s time for the last round of “Ladies I Love” fitness edition.  This week’s focus is a celebrity in her own right, but she’s built a fitness empire training the likes of celebrities and everyday people through a fun, yet challenging dance inspired workout.  Tracy Anderson, who just opened a new Manhattan studio, is the woman behind the bodies of some of the fittest famous women, like Katie Lee (whose fitness routines I spoke of here), Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez.  Celebrities flock to her studios for her fun and effective workouts, which feature both cardio and toning sections.  

What’s inspiring about Tracey is that she makes a fun and impactful workout available to the masses, thanks to multiple locations and online subscription streaming classes, so anyone can have access to the workouts regardless of their location.  Judging by the physiques of the aforementioned celebrities, who have publicly pledged their allegiance to Tracey, her technique is extremely effective.  And while these famous women likely have help from other places as well, many non-celebrities have also been vocal about their appreciation of the TA Method and its positive effects on their body.  

Tracey herself looks phenomenal at 42 years old, proving the importance of what physical activity in combination with other healthy habits can do for your body.  Read more about some of her healthy habits and thoughts on wellness here.  And for streaming services of the TA Method, check out her site.

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