A morning of Pilates

Motivation to get you through hump day!


My motivation to be active has come from my mother, who has almost always had a regular fitness routine.  She is in her 60s, works out 6 days a week and looks and feels phenomenal.  Not only are the physical benefits of her exercise obvious, she has always stressed the importance exercise has on her mental health, and that has not gone unnoticed with me.  One of the things we love to do together is exercise, whether catching a barre class when she visits me in Chicago or going for a walk together in my parents neighborhood when I’m home, we love to carve out sometime to get in a good sweat sesh together.  

My recent visit home was no exception and this time, I accompanied my mom to her regular Saturday morning Pilates class.  My mom has been dedicated to Pilates for about 15 years and she has an amazing core to thank for it.  She had previously been a member of a tight knit studio and when it closed, she continued her practice with some of her former teachers.  I had only been to one class with her previously and was eager to try it again.  This time, the class was in a beautiful and unique setting- an old barn that now has space for yoga and Pilates classes.  My mom usually has a small class or private session Saturday mornings so it was just the two of us with the teacher and it was perfect.  

Knowing my mom’s strengths and weaknesses, and knowing we have similar body types, the instructor helped me push myself and break through some personal plateaus.  In the past, I’ve been drawn to Pilates due to its similarities with yoga and barre, but I’ve struggled with some moves since I have very long legs for a short lady and virtually no torso and I struggle with keeping my legs suspended.  But the teacher was knowledgeable and patient and helped explain certain techniques and allow me multiple times to try challenging moves.  I was surprisingly sweaty at the end of class, which flew by, and I left feeling stronger and happy, and I’m definitely considering exploring more Pilates options in my neighborhood.


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