The best veggie meatballs

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Chances are if you like meatballs then you won’t be interested in an option that has no meat.  But I am here to tell you about a delicious vegetarian option that’s so tasty you won’t even notice the lack of meat.  Jessica Seinfeld’s new cookbook Food Swings appeals to me so deeply because it’s all about living a life of balance; finding meals that appeal to your virtuous side when you need healthy nourishment and dishes that indulge your cravings when you’re in the mood.  These veggie meatballs are a virtuous twist on something that would otherwise fall on the naughty side.  And they don’t disappoint.  The veggies packed a flavorful punch thanks to red pepper and stay hearty with a little bit of farro thrown in as well.  Pop them in the oven to get them slightly browned and crispy on the outside to emulate the feel of a true meatball.

For the first time I tried the dish, I continued the healthy spin on an indulgent classic and piled the veggie balls on top of some zoodles with diced tomato.  For a dinner made of leftovers a few days later, I whipped up this easy chickpea salad to accompany the rest of the veggie balls, which even my fiance gobbled up.  

Looking for a new dish? Why not try this tonight? And for more recipe ideas, check out Jessica Seinfeld’s latest cookbook.


Get outside!

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As mentioned in my previous post, I spent some time in Charleston recently and was thrilled to get outside in the warm southern heat.  Charleston is beautiful and there’s no excuse not to get outside and explore when you’re in the city.  The gorgeous weather motivated my friends and I to wake up early on a Friday morning, head to a local park and do some yoga.  While I maintain a consistent yoga practice, it’s most exclusively practiced inside a yoga studio, sometimes even without any windows.  It had been so long since I last did any exercise outside and it felt so good to feel the sunshine, sweat out some toxins and all while dogs were playing nearby.  It was just what I needed to start an otherwise slightly un-healthy but fun weekend off on the right foot.

When’s the last time you exercised outside? Go ahead- do it!

Southern Charm

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Last week I spent the weekend in Charleston and it was everything I imagined it to be.  The city is bustling, with endless bars and restaurants, historic and serves up all the old school charm you want from a colonial city.  The architecture and homes are beautiful, with quaint cobblestone streets and stunning beach views.  Not to mention there’s an endless list of hot spots to checkout, including the cutest dive bar with a backyard patio.

And it’s hot- as in heavy, humid hot.  After the cold spell Chicago had, the southern heat felt so good but you had to dress for it.  Luckily, I pulled out the summer classics from my closet, including a sailor tee with of-the-moment lace up details, denim boyfriend shorts, metallic slip-on slides and an easy cross body bag. Not picture here is the straw fedora, which is a must for looking the part of southern belle and keeping the hot Charleston sun out of your eyes!


Fashion note: I’m wearing a Madewell tee (similar here), Gap denim shorts (similar here), J.Crew purse (similar here) and slides (love these new slides from Everlane).

Grilled Halloumi Salad

Delicious recipes for the curious cook!


As a true cheese lover, there are few varieties I haven’t tried and incorporated into many dishes.  But there was one cheese I’d seen pop up in numerous recipes and in many Instagram posts recently and one that I hadn’t tried- halloumi cheese.  This type of cheese is a semi-hard cheese that’s popular in Greece and Turkey and is used in many vegetarian dishes as a sort of “main” feature, since it’s a bit meatier and can be easily grilled because of its texture.  After seeing it incorporated into so many delish looking recipes online and in one of my favorite vegetarian cookbooks, Mary McCartney’s Food, I had my heart set on trying it.  Unfortunately, it’s a somewhat tricky cheese to find as many regular grocery stores don’t carry it, but I finally found it at Whole Foods (you can likely also find it at any specialty cheese store).  I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is to grill it, either in a skillet or on the grill or grill pan.  I used McCartney’s recipe for a fried halloumi salad with roasted red peppers and laid it on top of a bed of kale for the perfect satisfying yet light vegetarian meal.  Even my carnivore fiance, who was somewhat unsure of the unfamiliar cheese, loved it.  It’ll definitely be in our summer meal rotation!


Feeling curious about halloumi? Give it a try this week!

My new go-to wellness resource

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the thirty

I often look to different resources for inspiration on a number of things- style, food, wellness, etc.- and I recently found a new source to seek.  Brought to you by the same group that runs Byrdie (another source I recommend), The/Thirty is a content destination that declares itself to be a “source for all things healthful and mindful” and includes everything from yoga poses to combat menstrual cramps, clean beauty and personal care products, the sneakers supermodels are currently wearing and the best superfoods to fuel on before and after a workout.  In addition to their website, The/Thirty also runs a daily newsletter filled with tips and the latest updates, as well as an Instagram account that’s often taken over by their team of contributing editors, ranging from wellness experts to yoga teachers.  It’s only been up and running for a few weeks and I’ve already found a number of helpful stories and products to help my wellness routines.  Curios? I highly recommend you check out their site here.

Image via.

Anything But Basic

Inspiration for the new week!

tee and jeans 3

A tee and jeans are staples of any wardrobe, but they can easily look boring if the pieces lack character.  That’s not the case with this vintage style tee I was recently gifted, which has a map of Maine on it that gives it a summer vibe, especially in a classic navy hue.  Paired with ripped jeans, loafers and a two tone trench, this is a classic look that still feels fresh thanks to some elevated finishes.  This type of look is perfect for the current spring weather, that’s warm but still transitioning.  I opted for it on a recent warm weekend afternoon, running errands and visiting a friend’s place, but it would also be perfect for a weekend brunch.  

tee and jeans 2tee and jeans 4tee and jeans 5

Fashion note: I’m wearing a J.Crew tee, Gap jeans (similar here), New York & Company trench (similar here) and Asos loafers.