My new go-to wellness resource

Motivation to get you through hump day!

the thirty

I often look to different resources for inspiration on a number of things- style, food, wellness, etc.- and I recently found a new source to seek.  Brought to you by the same group that runs Byrdie (another source I recommend), The/Thirty is a content destination that declares itself to be a “source for all things healthful and mindful” and includes everything from yoga poses to combat menstrual cramps, clean beauty and personal care products, the sneakers supermodels are currently wearing and the best superfoods to fuel on before and after a workout.  In addition to their website, The/Thirty also runs a daily newsletter filled with tips and the latest updates, as well as an Instagram account that’s often taken over by their team of contributing editors, ranging from wellness experts to yoga teachers.  It’s only been up and running for a few weeks and I’ve already found a number of helpful stories and products to help my wellness routines.  Curios? I highly recommend you check out their site here.

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