Grilled Halloumi Salad

Delicious recipes for the curious cook!


As a true cheese lover, there are few varieties I haven’t tried and incorporated into many dishes.  But there was one cheese I’d seen pop up in numerous recipes and in many Instagram posts recently and one that I hadn’t tried- halloumi cheese.  This type of cheese is a semi-hard cheese that’s popular in Greece and Turkey and is used in many vegetarian dishes as a sort of “main” feature, since it’s a bit meatier and can be easily grilled because of its texture.  After seeing it incorporated into so many delish looking recipes online and in one of my favorite vegetarian cookbooks, Mary McCartney’s Food, I had my heart set on trying it.  Unfortunately, it’s a somewhat tricky cheese to find as many regular grocery stores don’t carry it, but I finally found it at Whole Foods (you can likely also find it at any specialty cheese store).  I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is to grill it, either in a skillet or on the grill or grill pan.  I used McCartney’s recipe for a fried halloumi salad with roasted red peppers and laid it on top of a bed of kale for the perfect satisfying yet light vegetarian meal.  Even my carnivore fiance, who was somewhat unsure of the unfamiliar cheese, loved it.  It’ll definitely be in our summer meal rotation!


Feeling curious about halloumi? Give it a try this week!


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