The best veggie meatballs

Delicious recipes for the curious cook!


Chances are if you like meatballs then you won’t be interested in an option that has no meat.  But I am here to tell you about a delicious vegetarian option that’s so tasty you won’t even notice the lack of meat.  Jessica Seinfeld’s new cookbook Food Swings appeals to me so deeply because it’s all about living a life of balance; finding meals that appeal to your virtuous side when you need healthy nourishment and dishes that indulge your cravings when you’re in the mood.  These veggie meatballs are a virtuous twist on something that would otherwise fall on the naughty side.  And they don’t disappoint.  The veggies packed a flavorful punch thanks to red pepper and stay hearty with a little bit of farro thrown in as well.  Pop them in the oven to get them slightly browned and crispy on the outside to emulate the feel of a true meatball.

For the first time I tried the dish, I continued the healthy spin on an indulgent classic and piled the veggie balls on top of some zoodles with diced tomato.  For a dinner made of leftovers a few days later, I whipped up this easy chickpea salad to accompany the rest of the veggie balls, which even my fiance gobbled up.  

Looking for a new dish? Why not try this tonight? And for more recipe ideas, check out Jessica Seinfeld’s latest cookbook.


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