What got me through the week and what I’m looking forward to this weekend!


pb cup
Best PB cup ever- and it’s vegan!

After a lovely long weekend, I’m bracing myself for a very busy next few weeks, filled with concerts, birthdays and weddings.  While the days are sure to be a bit chaotic, I’m looking forward to doing my best to enjoy some of the special moments and also find ways to stay focused.  Summer is (un)officially underway and there’s so much to look forward to.  What are your weekend plans?

  1. The best rose for summer: Tis the season for being basic aka the endless rose all day hashtags on social media.  Truthfully, I’m guilty of doing this too but I honestly do love rose.  It is one of my favorite adult bevs of choice and I drink it almost exclusively in the summer.  This list serves as a go-to guide for the best rose to sip on all summer long.
  2. Jack Johnson 2017 tour: I’ve always loved Jack Johnson and this weekend I’m kicking off the summer concert season at one of his shows at the beach.  If you’ve never seen one of his shows, I highly recommend checking him out.  His shows are the essence of summer- fun, lively,with good crowds and all around happy people and the occasional very special guest musician.  In my opinion, he’s better live.
  3. Sweet potato muffins: Given the many events happening over the next few weeks, it’s inevitable I’ll be eating slightly more treats and indulging in slightly more glasses of wine than I normally would.  In an effort to not fall completely off track, I’m trying to make some healthier treats for myself to have on hand so I can reach for something less guilty when I need a snack.  These muffins are the perfect mix of sweet and spicy and offer plenty of vitamins thanks to the sweet potatoes and no sugar! They’re the perfect option for breakfast, lunch with a side salad or even for dessert with some yogurt on top.
  4. Wedding gift guide: Summer often means wedding season for many people.  My own wedding is a few months away and as it gets closer, we become more aware of the gifts to register for as well as what we should give our own friends. To help guide us through the endless options, Goop recently released its summer wedding gift guide, complete with ideas on what to give members of your own bridal party.  If you’re getting married or are attending a wedding, you should check it out for some ideas.

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