Yin Yoga + Meditation

Motivation to get you through hump day!

yin and nidra

Recently I completed a multi-week yin yoga and meditation series at my yoga studio, which largely focuses on Bikram yoga.  Bikram is the type of yoga I practice regularly because, as challenging as it is, it is also beneficial and both my mind and my body feel great after practicing.  Sometimes completing a class gives me such a feeling of accomplishment while also helping me feel calm and centered.  But Bikram is an intense and rigorous practice and sometimes we all need a change of pace, without being sedentary.  

I’ve taken a few yin yoga classes, which my studio offers as a compliment to the yang practice of Bikram.  The classes I’ve taken have always been enjoyable, allowing me to stretch into the fascia, or deepest points of muscle, which feels great especially after a Bikram class.  But I’ve never taken yin consistently so when my studio offered a 6 week program of a yin and meditation combo class, I jumped at the chance to work both into my weekly schedule.  And I’m so grateful I did.  The act of practicing yin, which enabled me to slow down while still keep moving and learn to find stillness in discomfort, and meditation, which helped me learn to clear my mind while simultaneously staying present, both helped me tremendously.  

The last few weeks have been so hectic (in a good way) and I often found myself looking forward to Sunday afternoons to move my body and unwind my mind.  I highly recommend trying either yin or meditation or practicing them together if you have the opportunity.


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