Grilled Vegetable Coleslaw

Delicious recipes for the curious cook!

grill 4

I have two confessions to make: I don’t like coleslaw and using the grill intimidates me.  It’s surprising then that I’m featuring a recipe that includes both things, right? One would thing, but after watching a recent episode of one of my favorite cooking shows, The Kitchen on the Food Network, I saw a dish that looked too good not to try.  

First things first, this recipe features very little of the ingredients traditionally associated with coleslaw that I don’t enjoy, and instead uses the juices from the grilled veggies combined with a little vinegar and oil to create a light and flavorful dressing.  Second, because the vegetables are fairly durable (that’s why you need a sturdy leaf, like cabbage), they’re easy to grill.  And since grilling veggies is pretty easy- you can easily tell when they have grill marks and there’s no risk to undercooking them- this dish was the perfect way to practice using the grill, which was easier than I thought.  

This is a light and tasty way to enjoy the summer grilling season, especially while fresh produce is abundant.  Feeling curious? Do what I did and head to your local farmer’s market to pick up the ingredients prior to firing up the grill!

grill 1grill 2grill 5

Like what I’m wearing? It’s a J.Crew hat and Topshop dress.


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