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benefits of yoga

A few weeks ago was the international day of yoga, and even though this post is a little belated, I wanted to take the time to share some thoughts and honor the practice that has given me so much.  

Before practicing yoga, I struggled with maintaining a healthy routine of any kind.  Once I discovered yoga and almost instantly felt some of its many benefits, everything changed.  I discovered how to live a life of wellness, both on and off the mat.  In the 6 years I’ve been practicing, yoga has transformed me both physically and mentally.  I look and feel better than I ever have and yoga’s positive impact has been felt in so many aspects of my life.  Yoga hasn’t made me a rigid, health nut who never indulges or enjoys herself, but rather, it has enabled me to discover balance.  It has influenced me to want to make healthy choices for myself and to understand when to be kind to myself and practice patience with myself and others.  It hasn’t made me perfect, because that’s impossible, but it has allowed me to try and be my healthiest self and for that, I’m truly thankful.  I encourage anyone who’s hesitant to give yoga a try or anyone who hasn’t practiced in a while to get back on the mat.  After all, as the yogis say, “no yoga, no peace; know yoga, know peace.”

If you’re looking for some motivation or reasons to try, here’s a great article highlighting the many benefits of yoga.

Image via Byrdie.


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