Cauliflower Steaks

Delicious recipes for the curious cook!


One of my favorite vegetables is cauliflower.  It makes its way into many of the dishes eaten in my household, from a roasted side dish to a mac-and-cheese like dish, there are countless ways to eat this wonderful veggie.  But cauliflower has started to find its way to the center of the plate, being featured as an vegetarian entree option at many restaurants and in many culinary magazines.  I recently came across this recipe on Instagram and had to try it.

Cauliflower is hearty and substantial enough to stand on its own and can be cut into steak-like portions that, paired with some toppings and tasty sides, work as a healthy and delicious main meal.  The combo of the roasted tomatoes and green beans is perfect and if you’re going to make these cauliflower steaks, I highly recommend you make the whole meal.  I don’t even like green beans and I scarfed it all down.  Trust me, your stomach will thank you!


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