Late summer workout gear

Motivation to get you through hump day!

OV summer

I’m a huge fan of everything from Outdoor Voices.  I don’t normally endorse doing anything but exercising in workout gear, but we all have days when post-yoga errands turn into an entire day spent in our leggings.  But who says you can’t at least look cute in those leggings? That’s why I love OV and their workout gear.  Everything is functional and stylish, so it’s the perfect option for both class and post-class errands.  

Unlike so many activewear brands, which are either functional but lack style or are cute but lack the durability you need to sustain a class, Outdoor Voices options offer both.  They’re made with the technical fabric you need to absorb sweat and allow you to go from class to brunch without needing an outfit change.  The latest hues like the one featured above are unique and are the perfect options for the end of summer and into fall when outside workouts followed by outdoor drinks are in full swing!

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